Gina Da Silva is the Director of Government Affairs at the California Immigrant Policy Center (CIPC) where she is responsible for building political-will in Sacramento around critical immigration issues for CIPC, including but not limited to: health and public benefits, economic justice, detention and deportations and tracking anti-immigrant legislation. She is CIPC's expert on legislative, administrative and budget analysis for the organization.

Gina is a California native whose passion for social justice and immigrant rights was shaped by her family's’ immigrant experience and her lived experience in the United States and abroad. She has served in several critical roles at CIPC, co-leading a budget campaign and administrative advocacy to establish the “One California” Immigration Services Funding as well as subsequent campaigns to increase state funding for access to legal tools that reduce detentions and deportations. She has also led legislative advocacy to advance state protections for workers against E-Verify and other worksite discrimination in addition to efforts against mass detentions and deportations through the TRUTH Act and its expansion the CA Values Act. During the past year, Gina has driven CIPC’s efforts to address equity and inclusion for immigrants and refugees within workforce development and adult education policies.

Before coming to CIPC, she spent several years working in the Republic of Panama. She holds a degree in Politics and International Studies from the University of San Francisco. Gina is currently pursuing a Master of Science in Law (MSL) at the McGeorge School of Law. She lives in Sacramento and enjoys putting down her cellphone to spend time with loved ones and revel in California’s natural wonders and world-famous wine.