Sasha Feldstein is a Policy Analyst at California Immigrant Policy Center. Her work focuses on economic justice issues including equitable access to education, training, and jobs, workers' rights, and promoting a workforce that is reflective of California communities.

Previously, Sasha worked as Strategic Partnerships Manager at Opportunity@Work, where she was responsible for building partnerships with local and national organizations to develop solutions for the half of people living in the US who are currently shut out of the labor market, including immigrants and communities of color.  Sasha has also worked as a legal advocate at the Urban Justice Center, where she represented public assistance participants and advocated for policy changes to the social safety net to decriminalize participants. She also worked for an international development and human rights organization, where she launched an education and community engagement campaign to increase awareness about global justice, and she organized NYC communities to advocate for changes to international food aid policy in the 2014 Farm Bill.  

Sasha holds an MPP from UC Berkeley's Goldman School of Public Policy, where her studies focused on food and labor policy, poverty & inequality, and race & discrimination in today's workforce.  As a graduate student, she worked with Restaurant Opportunities Centers Bay Area to research policy alternatives for addressing occupational segregation, was a Graduate Student Instructor for a course on Wealth and Poverty taught by Robert Reich, and served on Boalt Law School's Policy Advocacy Clinic, where she researched the rise in the enactment and enforcement of anti-homeless policies in California. She lives in Oakland and is a 4th generation Californian.