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This year marks the 20th Anniversary of Immigrant Day! Since 1996, the California immigrant rights movement has convened annually at the state capitol for a day of advocacy, education and unity, demanding better rights and treatment for immigrant communities. Join us this year for Immigrant Day 2016, as hundreds of immigrants and advocates from across California raise a unified voice in Sacramento in support of state proposals that advance immigrant integration and prosperity for all Californians.

Monday – May 23, 2016

8AM – 4PM*

West Steps (10th Street), State Capitol

 *Please plan to arrive by 9am to participate fully in the day’s events
Deadline to Register: Regular registration is now closed, but walk-in registration will remain open. *Travel, meal support and legislative visits are not guaranteed.
Immigrant Day 2016 will be something you won’t want to miss! Please see information below regarding registration, travel and lunch support, and other important details.
History: Immigrant Day began in May 1996 in the aftermath of discriminatory measures such as 1994’s Proposition 187, which sought to persecute undocumented immigrants and deny education and health care, and from federal laws enacted in 1996 which effectively excluded many immigrants from vital public programs providing care and support. Since then, the courage and determination of immigrant communities have transformed the state.
How To Register

Please have 1 point person from your organization register your group according to region. Your organization’s point person will:

  • Engage via email with Immigrant Day coordinators to finalize their organization’s participation and prepare their delegation to participate in legislative visits.
  • Commit at least one person to attend one Advocacy Training before Immigrant Day. Trainings will be offered in different regions and we encourage as many participants as possible to attend.
Your point person may register your group by clicking on the walk-in registration button listed below:

Walk-In Registration

After Regular Registration closes, registration is still available through the walk in registration. However, for Walk-In Registration, we cannot guarantee lunch or travel support since it is past the Regular Registration deadline.

Travel and Lunch Support

CIPC will coordinate buses to Sacramento for Southern California, Central Valley (Fresno), and the Bay Area.  See below for information on transportation and lunch support.

Cost per person

Bus Travel Lunch  Participant Packet

Attend Legislative Visits

Travel & Lunch       Registration $15 Included Included Included Yes
Lunch Registration ONLY* $5 No Included Included Yes
General                     Registration FREE No No Included Yes
Post-Deadline        Registration FREE No No Electronic materials only** Pending Availability***

* Again, the registration deadline for travel support is 4/24. If you don’t want travel support but do want to reserve a lunch, please register by 5/1 to guarantee a lunch box. For those registering after 5/1, a list of local eateries is available here.

**Participant packets will be provided electronically by CIPC and participants can choose to print them for day of use.

***Immigrant Day-requested legislative visits are limited to constituents and may be capped due to registration numbers. For more information, please contact Steven Sepulveda:


CIPC is coordinating transportation to Sacramento for Southern California, the Bay Area, the South Bay and the Central Valley (Fresno). Itineraries for the buses will be listed below as soon as they are confirmed. Registrants who purchase bus seats will be notified in advance of changes to the planned itineraries.

More info coming soon!

OC / Los Angeles

Departure Time:

Orange County: 10PM- Sun, May 22nd

Los Angeles: 11PM- Sun, May 22nd


Location Icon 
Departure Location:

Orange County: Civic Center Plaza, Santa Ana, Orange County, CA 92701

Los Angeles: Union Station, 800 North Alameda Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012

Depart Sacramento:

3 PM- Mon, May 23rd


Departure Time:

 6AMMon, May 23rd

 Location Icon
Departure Location:

 To Be Determined

Depart Sacramento:

3 PM- Mon, May 23rd

 SF / Oakland

Departure Time:

7AM - Mon, May 23rd

Location Icon 
Departure Location:

The Women’s Building, 3543 18th Street #8, San Francisco, CA 94110

Depart Sacramento:

3 PM- Mon, May 23rd

San Jose


Departure Time:

 7AM – Mon, May 23rd

 Location Icon
Departure Location:

 SIREN Office, 1425 Koll Circle, San Jose, CA 95112

Depart Sacramento:

3:30PM – Mon, May 23rd

Legislative Visits

CIPC will schedule visits with legislative offices based on district information provided by attendee registration. Coordinators will work with point persons to develop a list of visit facilitators and visit assignments. Assignments will be based only on the registrant’s constituency. For schedule of visits, contact your point person.
Click here to view our Legislative Guidelines one-pager for more details
Visit Facilitators

If your organization has a member who has previously participated in visits with elected leaders, please consider asking them to volunteer as a visit facilitator. The facilitator is responsible for:

  • Preparing for Visit: Participants will meet in front of the leg office 15 minutes prior to the scheduled time. The Facilitator uses this time to coordinate with participants on who will speak on what issue and in what order.
  • Legislative Visit Leadership: Facilitator helps direct/keep the visits focused if the conversation starts to veer. He or she assigns or plays the timekeeper role as many visits are likely to have multiple participants.
  • Report-Back Forms: Facilitator completes a Report Back form (part of Visit packet provided by CIPC).
Advocacy Trainings

In order to make sure all participants feel prepared for their Immigrant Day visits, CIPC will offer in person Advocacy Trainings in Los Angeles and Oakland to review the Immigrant Day platform, discuss talking points, and prepare facilitators who will lead visits. We encourage all Immigrant Day Registrants to attend!

Los Angeles Training

When: Tuesday, May 10th from 10am – 3pm

Where: Asian Americans Advancing Justice-LA (1145 Wilshire Blvd)

San Francisco Training

When: Tuesday, May 10th from 10am – 3pm

Where: ACLU of Northern California (39 Drumm St)

*For regions not listed above, CIPC will be offering a webinar training in May. Training locations are pending upon staff capacity and location availability. For questions on trainings, please contact Steven Sepulveda at

Advocacy Trainings

List of materials available:

Immigrant Day Platform

AB 2298 (Weber) – Gang Database & Suppression

AB 2792 (Bonta) – TRUTH Act

SB 10 (Lara) – Providing All Californians Access to Covered California

SB 1015 (Leyva) – 2016 Domestic Worker’s Bill of Rights

“One Calfornia” CDSS Immigration Services Funding

Prepare for Immigrant Day!

  • Registration:  Please check in with your point person regarding the details for your organization, including lunch and the legislative visits. The point person will check-in their group’s arrival and pick up materials.
  • Walk-Ins: Walk-Ins are welcome, but are not guaranteed lunch or materials. If you haven’t registered, please see the link at the top of the page for instructions on signing up.
  • Parking: Street parking near the capitol has 1 and 2 hour time limits. We recommend arriving early and parking in one of the garages between 7th and 9th on L Street. There is special pricing if you arrive before 9/10am. If you park on the street, the meters surrounding the perimeter of the capitol accept coins and credit cards.
  • Wireless: There is no WiFi connection in the capitol. For nearby hotspots: Click Here
  • Restrooms: The State Capitol has restrooms on several floors, including near the cafeterias on the 6th floor and in the basement.
  • Nearby Breakfast & Lunch Options: Arriving early or coordinating a separate lunch for your group? Click here for nearby eateries.
Language Interpretation

During the Immigrant Day rally, on-stage interpretation will be provided for any language requested by more than 40 Immigrant Day attendees. For interpretation requests under that number, CIPC will coordinate with point persons to provide interpretation spaces during the rally.

Please note CIPC will not be able to provide interpretation during legislative visits. Please pair your group accordingly so that monolingual participants will have an interpreter during visits.

More About Immigrant Day
Usually held on every third Monday of May, Immigrant Day is a powerful day in which community members and leaders meet with their district representatives, share personal stories, and advocate together in the areas of health, public benefits, immigrant rights, and immigrant integration. Immigrant Day began in May 1996 in the aftermath of discriminatory measures such as Proposition 187, which sought to persecute undocumented immigrants and deny education and health care, and from federal laws which excluded many immigrants from vital public programs providing care and support. Since then, the courage and determination of immigrant communities have transformed the state. As California’s leading multi-ethnic, immigrant advocacy group, CIPC plays a unique role by providing a unified and inclusive advocacy platform. Immigrant Day strengthens and uplifts voices of immigrant communities, as well as increases understanding among policymakers and stakeholders about diverse issues impacting these communities.