Senior Statewide Organizing Fellow

Office: Sacramento

Beatriz Hernandez

Beatriz Hernandez is a Statewide Organizer Fellow at the California Immigrant Policy Center (CIPC) where she grows people power with and for community members, advocates, and intersectional organizations to win campaigns that remove exclusions to state programs for undocumented immigrants as well as create policies that help all immigrants and their families thrive regardless of their immigration status. 

She brings to CIPC her joy, creativity, and ongoing experience in organizing and advocacy from traveling across the Central Valley – meeting parents and workers during the 2020 census to ensure their communities were counted. Also, during that time, Beatriz trained college students with the support from New Conservation Initiative on a tactic called “deep canvassing”. Together, as a team they had hundreds of transformative phone conversations with Fresno voters about healthcare and undocumented immigrants. Through her leadership, students were empowered to share their stories about being undocumented and inviting the people on the other side of the phone to share about their life and experiences on immigration. 

To this day, Beatriz borrows from the lessons learned previous to CIPC even from her college days at the University of California, Merced where she first dove into advocacy as a fellow with Immigrants Rising and animal rights with PETA. But also from her personal experiences as an immigrant herself who wants to bring about change for her community and the most vulnerable.  

Outside of CIPC, you can find her creating videos for her Youtube channel and Tik Tok as well as reading, decorating her place, and hanging out with her cats and loved ones.