Health & Public Benefits Policy Coordinator

Office: Los Angeles

Iván Barragan

Iván Barragan is CIPC’s Health and Public Benefits Policy Coordinator. Based in Los Angeles, he is responsible for coordination of CIPC’s campaigns and coalitions that advance immigrant health and equity in the safety net in California and maintaining consistent communication with partners in order to strategize and mobilize around campaign goals. Iván has been immersed in immigrant rights and policy for several years since his days at the Venice Family Clinic (VFC). There, he enrolled immigrant, low-income, and homeless patients into Medicare, Medi-Cal, MyHealth LA, and Covered California, and case managed several hundreds of health coverage cases. He also ensured the successful transition of undocumented minor patients from MyHealth LA over onto full-scope Medi-Cal with the implementation of SB 75. He obtained his MPH with a concentration in Health Policy & Management from UCLA in 2019, where he won several fellowships and distinguished awards.

His internship at the LA County Department of Public Health yielded a 40-page report recommending partnerships between community organizations and the Department, and the County Board of Supervisors approved his proposal to implement Prop 64 (Marijuana legalization) in an equitable manner for its 2018-2019 County’s State Legislative Agenda. That means over the next couple of years the Department can weigh in on and propose support positions for any policies that align with the language in the proposal.

Iván was born in Mexico and raised in LA and graduated from UC Santa Barbara with a degree in Biological Sciences in 2015. When not on the clock, he can be found reading yet another book, playing his favorite video games, or walking his Terrier mix, Muñeca.