Management Consultant/Digital Organizer (Media & Press Contact)

Office: Los Angeles

Nathan Cheung

Nathan Cheung is the Management Consultant/Digital Organizer at the California Immigrant Policy Center (CIPC) where he works on the Communications Team and partners with the Organizing Team to tell stories of immigrants, and to build digital communities to enhance the reach of our actions, messages, and capacity building.

Nathan brings intersectional experiences to his work at CIPC, having previously worked in labor and immigrant rights organizing, as well as LGBTQ advocacy. Most recently, he was a labor organizer at Koreatown Immigrant Workers Alliance (KIWA), organizing non-unionized grocery store workers during COVID-19. Previously, he was a part of the UC #COLA4ALL movement, CARECEN Day Labor Center, JusticeLA, and interned at Lambda Legal and The Williams Institute at UCLA, helping pass the SB239 bill. He has also taught classes in immigrant activism and labor studies at UCLA.

Nathan received his BA in Communication Studies and Music Industry from UCLA. He then obtained his MA in Latin American Studies at UCLA as well, focusing on immigrant wellbeing and the U-Visa, migrant routes in Guyana, and queer music in Brazil. He was born in Canada and grew up in Hong Kong before moving to Los Angeles. He believes in a world where movement is not a privilege, but a freedom, and where people can be with whomever they want, wherever and whenever. In his free time, he likes writing music and singing, practicing photography, cooking Cantonese food, perreando, and going on road trips. His favorite genre of music is reggaeton.