Today, Donald Trump signed two anti-immigrant Executive Orders. The orders launch an unprecedented deportation witch hunt that will criminalize immigrants and further militarize the southern border.

In response, Cynthia Buiza, Executive Director of the California Immigrant Policy Center, issued the following statement:

In the face of today’s absurd display of cruelty, we redouble our resolve to build a better world for all people, rooted in social, economic, and racial justice for all.

Immigrants and refugees are a vital part of our country’s heart and soul. It is an affront to our values to intensify the persecution of people criminalized by a system rife with racial bias, and it’s absurd to bring back the discredited “Secure Communities” program. These moves worsen a vast machinery that has already detained and deported millions and caused countless abuses, including the severe mistreatment of transgender immigrants in detention.

Moreover, further militarization and racial profiling at the border will cause much suffering and racial profiling. This order undermines basic protections for people seeking asylum, unconscionably sending people who seek safety from horrific violence back to their deaths.

It is time to say: no more. All people of conscience must resist the criminalization of communities of color and all of the repressive measures this administration will foist upon us. We stand with the cities and counties who have made clear they will play no part in this persecution.

These extremely alarming attacks also make it even more urgent for California’s Legislature and governor to enact protections for all who call California home.

California, already the nation’s leading force for immigrant rights, must take powerful steps to defend our values and civil liberties. Our Legislature has taken a bold step forward with the introduction of Senate Bill 54 (De Leon), the California Values Act, which will make sure we don’t use local or state resources to fuel mass deportations. The bill also counteracts Trump’s attempts to mine immigrants’ private data. We call on Governor Brown to make good on his promises in his State of the State address yesterday by signing the Values Act and defending the well-being of California’s communities at this particularly crucial time.