In many ways, California has been the country’s leader in passing bold initiatives to protect immigrant communities. But as the world’s fifth largest economy grapples with growing economic inequality, we need to do more. A critical test of the state’s leadership will be the extent to which we invest in all workers, including immigrants, to participate and thrive in our economy.

CIPC is proud to release a new policy brief, "Making the Right Investments: Ensuring Workforce Development Programs Work for All Californians", that illustrates the paradox between immigrant contributions to our workforce and the structural barriers that shut out thousands of Californians from economic opportunity. The brief calls for policies to ensure investments in workforce development work to support every Californian, regardless of status, to provide for themselves and their families.  

Through quantitative research and interviews with over 40 organizations, the brief finds that, despite significant contributions to the state and its workforce, California’s economy is missing out by not acknowledging, valuing, and investing in the full potential of the immigrant community.

In the face of rising inequality, stagnant wages, and technological advancements that are changing the nature of work as we know it, California must take on bold initiatives to increase equitable access to training and education for quality jobs, while working to make all jobs better for everyone. 

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