While the federal government continues to attack immigrants and vital social services, California must champion bold and inclusive policies that support the health of our communities and break past xenophobic federal policies. This is why CIPC is launching an immigrant equity platform called, “Justice in the Safety-Net: Removing Immigrant Exclusions”.

Immigrant communities are integral to California’s civic, cultural, and economic life. However, many immigrants are locked out of safety net programs due to their immigration status. These exclusions set back immigrant families, their communities, and hurt our state as a whole. California’s poverty rate is the highest in the nation, with 1 out of 5 residents living in poverty. Our current system excludes our most vulnerable communities from critical assistance that could make the difference in putting food on the table, making rent, and providing for other life necessities. Efforts to fight poverty must not continue to exclude immigrant communities who shape our state and who call California home. California is stronger when our safety net provides health and income mobility opportunities to all California residents in need. Take a look below at CIPC’s immigrant equity platform, “Justice in the Safety Net: Removing Immigrant Exclusions” for more on how California can move towards a more inclusive, equitable safety net system that works for all:

Justice in the Safety-Net: Removing Immigrant Exclusions


The Affordable Care Act unjustly excludes undocumented immigrants from accessing health coverage through Medi-Cal or our state marketplace, Covered California. In 2015, our state took a key step towards Health4All by removing exclusions to Medi-Cal for low-income undocumented children. However, undocumented adults are still left without comprehensive health care. This proposal would make low-income undocumented adults eligible for comprehensive full-scope Medi-Cal.

Sponsors: California Immigrant Policy Center, Health Access CA


Under current law, all undocumented and many “lawfully present” immigrants are explicitly excluded from nutrition assistance through CalFresh. CalFresh is one of the most important tools to reduce poverty and improve health. When low-income Californians regardless of immigration status, have access to nutrition assistance, we strengthen our state and create a standard for food access that allows families and communities to lead better, healthier lives and thrive.

Sponsors: California Immigrant Policy Center, California Food Policy Advocates

California Earned Income Tax Credit (CalEITC) for ITIN Holders

In 2015 California established the California Earned Income Tax Credit (CalEITC), which provides low income individuals a modest financial credit. Unfortunately, some working families in California face serious economic challenges yet are excluded from accessing the CalEITC. CIPC, in partnership with the CalEITC Advocacy Coalition will be advancing efforts to strengthen the CalEITC. This proposal will remove the eligibility barrier for ITIN tax filers, low-income young workers, and working seniors, in collaboration with efforts to also adjust the CalEITC credit amounts.

Sponsors: California Immigrant Policy Center, members of the Cal EITC Advocacy Coalition

For more information, see our Justice in the Safety Net: Removing Immigrant Exclusions Information Sheet.


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