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Fighting Mass Detention & Deportation


Immigrants are part of our collective heart and soul. Yet cruel policies of mass deportation, mass incarceration, and mass scapegoating emanating from Washington, DC are putting our communities - and our values - at risk. For the better part of a decade, groups across California have worked to challenge the criminalization of immigrant communities and separate local governments from the dirty business of deportations. These efforts are more urgent than ever.


Fighting Mass Deportation

Entangling police and sheriffs with a cruel deportation machine threatens the civil liberties and safety of all Californians.

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Fighting Detention, Profiteering, & Criminalization

Standing against policies that fuel mass incarceration and cynical efforts to profit off of detention and imprisonment.

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For more information, please contact:

Layla Razavi
Policy Director
Felicia Gomez
Policy Analyst

For media inquiries, please contact:

Jon Rodney
Communications Director
For media inquiries: jrodney@caimmigrant.org