December 2014


Dear Friends and Colleagues,


As this year comes to an end, we reflect on what we have been able to accomplish thanks to the energy and efforts led by you –  immigrant communities, advocates, and leaders of all backgrounds!

This year we achieved many new milestones together, and took important steps towards reaching others. These milestones range from implementing the TRUST Act and advancing stronger local policies that expand its protections, to mobilizing communities around the Health For All Act. We convened partners and allies at the steps of the state Capitol for Immigrant Day, fought for a fair implementation of the AB 60 driver’s license law, and increased pressure on President Obama to deliver relief for millions of undocumented community members, including those that identify as LGBT.

Though this year has been filled with some incredible milestone achievements, it has also seen painful tragedies that have weighed on our collective minds. From 43 student lives taken across the border in Ayotzinapa, Guerrero, to refugee families fleeing unspeakable trauma in Central America, to acts of violence against black lives in Ferguson, Missouri and across the country, we have been faced with a prominent reminder to stand in solidarity with the intersectional struggles faced by our communities. Without truly inclusive efforts of immigrants, activists, and advocacy groups, we cannot create the groundwork for transformative change here in California.

What we have achieved continues to be a product of broad organizing, extensive mobilization, and vocal leadership from youth, parents, faith leaders, and workers who put themselves on the line in order to raise awareness of injustices. Together we hold our legislators accountable to our common values of family unity, fairness, strong communities, and economic security for all.

I look forward to partnering with all of you in 2015, and am confident that we will draw upon the strength of our collective efforts to help us continue the momentum in California’s immigrants’ rights movement and advance real and lasting change for immigrant communities next year and beyond.


In Solidarity,


Reshma Shamasunder

Executive Director, California Immigrant Policy Center