Join Our Team

Five reasons you should join CIPC today:

  1. You will impact the most important issues facing communities in our country.
    From detention and deportation protections to health equity to workers rights and economic justice—necessary for all communities to flourish—your work will be at the center of issues affecting each of us.
  2. You will build power for all communities.
    We are invested in building an infrastructure that enables a progressive vision for immigrant communities throughout the state. We’ve had some exciting successes at both the regional and statewide levels in growing our agenda and building our power for communities of color!
  3. You will work in a dynamic and collaborative environment.
    Our teams are smart, thoughtful, and genuinely sincere people who come from a wide range of professional and personal backgrounds. We work in four different locations across the state and make concerted efforts to build relationships with each other as individuals and teams.
  4. You will work with a powerful, rooted organization and team.
    CIPC values clarity, transparency, team building, and organizational development to ensure both the team and the overall immigrant rights movement remain resourced, innovative and inclusive.
  5. We support our team members.
    From competitive salaries and benefits to flexible work arrangements, wellness grants, and team cohesion, CIPC is committed to taking care of our people. We look forward to hearing from and working with you.

For more information on open positions please directly apply here. For any questions please email .