In order to enact bold policies that protect and advance the rights of immigrant community members in California, CIPC upholds strategic communications as a vital lever of change alongside policy advocacy, statewide organizing, and regional coalition capacity building.

CIPC’s communications team works to:

  • Center the voices and lived experiences of immigrants and their families to ensure they have a voice in Sacramento
  • Advance innovative narrative strategies that challenge harmful language and foster a deeper understanding of immigrant needs to push for policy changes that would strengthen the infrastructure of California
  • Cultivate a digital community centered on accessible resource and knowledge sharing on a variety of social media platforms
  • Facilitate access to critical information and analyses for community members, journalists, and other stakeholders throughout California and across the country
  • Conduct groundbreaking messaging research at the intersection of organizing and communications to facilitate transformative narrative change

For press inquiries, please e-mail Nathan Cheung at