Part of CIPC’s strategic communications work involves digital organizing. At CIPC, we center digital organizing rather than digital communications, because we understand the use and application of digital communications as informing, and working in conjunction with, our organizing strategies. In recent years, we have witnessed the digital landscape radically transform into a space where people get news, educational materials, and are able to connect with one another. In line with this theory,  CIPC has used digital organizing to build community and empower those who may not be plugged into our work or our coalitions, as well as connect with existing stakeholders in creative and innovative ways. 

Whether it is designing and implementing campaign toolkits and multimedia social media actions, where we are in full alignment of our narrative strategy and work with the organizing team to identify clear targets, or intentionally building online-to-offline organizing power by partnering with people who engage with our digital content, get educated on our campaign work, and move up the ladder of engagement, CIPC remains forward-thinking and open to new tools in this rapidly changing digital space. 

Ultimately, our digital organizing work is intertwined with our communications work and partners across all teams. We recognize the role and influence of digital media in changing hearts and minds; hence we strive to work within the digital ecosystem, but collaborate with the many moving pieces outside of it, to cultivate meaningful interactions with new friends and experienced movement-shifters.

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