Fighting Mass Detention & Deportation


The immigration enforcement system harms immigrant communities in many ways, including through surveillance, arrests, detentions, and deportations. This system is built on white supremacy, economic exploitation, and criminalization, and must be dismantled. In its place, we support systems that are just and people-centered, and where the needs of immigrants and all Californians are at the forefront. 

For nearly a decade, CIPC has worked to challenge the criminalization of immigrant communities, disrupt the arrest to deportation pipeline, and end state support for ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) and detention centers. We continue to do this work with a racial justice lens and in partnership with grassroots organizations and coalitions across California.  

Current Campaigns

ICE out of CA

CIPC is a member of the ICE out of CA coalition, which works to end the entanglement between local and state law enforcement and ICE, and strategically push ICE out of our communities. In 2021, the ICE out of CA coalition focused on the VISION Act (AB 937), which prevents immigrants and refugees from being subject to double punishment and transferred to ICE for deportation upon release from state prison or local jail. People directly impacted by the criminal and immigration systems and a broad array of organizations led a campaign that significantly advanced the bill and changed the narrative around criminalization. CIPC, alongside the ICE out of California coalition, will continue working to ensure that our incarcerated immigrant community members have a chance to come home.  

Check the Sheriff Coalition 

CIPC is a member of the Check the Sheriff coalition, which is an intersectional coalition of racial justice, police accountability, immigrant justice, and mass liberation organizations. We successfully ended warrantless ICE transfers in LA County and are working to end the violence of the LA Sheriff’s Department.

Los Angeles Justice Fund

Through the LA Justice Fund (LAJF) coalition, CIPC continues our work to ensure that detained immigrants have access to legal representation. LAJF ensures that immigrants who are deeply rooted in L.A. City and County have a chance to remain in their communities as they navigate deportation proceedings. As Los Angeles takes steps to advance racial justice, LAJF represents an investment in communities which are criminalized and overpoliced. Immigrants of color, particularly Black immigrants, feel the double oppression that comes from over-policing from both law enforcement and immigration enforcement.

Issue Areas & Resources

Past Victories

Together with partners, CIPC has successfully won legislation to push back against the detention and deportation machine. These laws and policy victories have restricted many of the ways in which people are identified and placed into detention, and increased due process for immigrants facing deportation. 


SB 334 (Durazo)

A step towards accountability and compliance to federal, state, and local standards, this bill will ensure that all private, for-profit prisons in California— including immigration detention centers—adhere to necessary health..Read More


Los Angeles Justice Fund

Together with a coalition of diverse organizations, CIPC has organized and advocated for the creation, renewal, and expansion of the LA Justice Fund.  In 2017, Los Angeles City, Los Angeles..Read More

The California Values Act – SB 54 (de León)

CIPC worked with partners across the state to pass this vital measure, which helps protect families and communities from the cruel deportation machine. SB 54, sometimes referred to as the..Read More


The TRUTH Act – AB 2792 (Bonta)

The TRUTH Act puts vital know-your-rights information in the hands of immigrant community members held in local jails and targeted by ICE. The TRUTH Act ensures community members have the..Read More


The TRUST Act – AB 4 (Ammiano)

The TRUST Act, passed after a three-year community campaign, set a minimum standard across California to limit cruel and costly ICE hold requests in local jails. The TRUST Act also..Read More


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