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CIPC applauds California defense of DACA recipients

CA sues Trump Administration and Invests $30 Million to Support Californians with DACA

In response to California’s announced lawsuit and budgetary investments to defend California’s DACA recipients, CIPC issued the following statement:

“We applaud the State of California for defending Californians with DACA, which is part of the fight to defend all immigrants. This week, the state took two key steps: Yesterday, Attorney General Becerra filed a lawsuit against the Trump Administration for rescinding DACA. Today, legislative leaders and Governor Brown announced an agreement to invest $30 million to support educational and legal assistance for Californians with DACA status.

In a time of continuing cruelty and white supremacist assaults from the Trump administration, California continues a historic precedent of investments that support legal protections for immigrant communities, advance immigrant inclusion through economic mobility, and create stronger opportunity for our Golden State.

We applaud this critical step in defense of the over 220,000 Californians with DACA, who have contributed significantly to California’s growth through their innovation, entrepreneurship, cultural contributions and powerful resilience. This support represents a crucial balm for communities facing a serious crisis. Furthermore, we honor the strength and determination of all immigrant Californians. We know that powerful organizing and activism will bloom in communities here and across the country to continue the fight for racial, social, and economic justice for all.”

Background: Of the $30 million investment announced today, $20 million will expand California’s legal assistance to DACA recipients through the “One California” Immigration Services Funding, administered by the Department of Social Services. An additional $10 million will support financial aid for DACA recipients at community colleges and public universities.

The “One California” program, established in response to strong statewide community advocacy, works to advance integration and economic opportunity through qualified and culturally appropriate immigration services for low-income residents eligible for DACA or naturalization. The 2017-18 State Budget approved in June of this year established a $45 million investment, to support eligible Californians’ access to affirmative relief from deportations and to build due process through legal representation for people in deportation proceedings. That investment also boosted the availability of qualified legal services in rural regions of the state.