CIPC Applauds President Biden on Commitment to Immigration Reform

Los Angeles — A new administration cannot erase the damage inflicted during the past four years or remove the deep, structural racism and xenophobia that deny so many people justice and opportunity. However, it can offer hope, a chance to examine who we are as a country – our history, legacy, and institutions – and create a path for renewal and transformation.

We applaud President Biden for his commitment to advancing humane immigration policies on his first day in office. His proposal to provide a pathway to citizenship for 11 million undocumented immigrants and permanent residence for DACA and TPS holders is long overdue; it is a bold step towards recognizing the role and contribution of immigrants in this country.

Even with this week’s inauguration and renewed optimism, we remain sobered by the recent, violent attack on the nation’s Capitol. This horrific insurrection will not silence our voices but only reaffirm our commitment to systemic change.

“In making immigration one of his chief priorities, we hope President Biden will not only rescind the immigration policies that came about under the Trump Administration—such as the Muslim ban and Public Charge—but will continue to push for genuine, systemic reform,” said Executive Director, Cynthia Buiza. “The California Immigrant Policy Center urges our new leadership to undo Trump’s harsh anti-immigrant policies, including stopping all ICE transfers, reunifying hundreds of families still separated, issuing a moratorium on deportations, and ensuring that immigrant families are included in COVID relief packages.”

CIPC works to create systemic changes that address the root causes of racial injustice and inequality. As immigrant rights advocates, we believe that organizing is the key to a stronger future. While we know that the road is long and arduous, we are inspired by the work of our movement partners across the country, from Arizona to Georgia, immigrant communities that guide our work, and the Black Lives Matter movement, which has urgently transformed the conversation about anti-Black racism in all its forms. This year, we remain committed to our mission and values and will continue to devote all our efforts as we advocate for policies – both federally and throughout California – that reflect empathy, equality, and justice.