CIPC & IAU-UAW Reach Bargaining Agreement

Joint Statement from the California Immigrant Policy Center (CIPC) and Immigrant Advocates United – United Auto Workers (IAU-UAW)

“At CIPC, we’re fortunate that we’re growing and changing in the same way the issues we work on have grown and changed. We have been in this fight for a long time, and we know that means that sometimes, we need to change the way we fight and the way we work.

We also know that we need to reflect the same values we fight for externally – for our communities across California – internally within our own organization. As many of you may know, our staff union and management have been working to come to a consensus on what CIPC is able to do to make our organization a better place to work.

We are proud to report that CIPC and IAU-UAW have reached a bargaining agreement which represents a little over six months of negotiations, hard-earned wins, and a shared commitment to building a fair and equitable workplace that invests in the recruitment, retention, and growth of its staff.”

Summary of Agreement:

  • $68K minimum starting salary, in addition to transparent salary information, progression, step increases, and an annual cost of living adjustment.
  • Additional financial support for staff with varying job duties, including a multilingual salary stipend, and interim pay to support staff carrying additional work.
  • Enhanced immigration assistance for staff, including support with filing applications (e.g. visas, DACA, TPS), paid time off for immigration-related appointments, and annual staff trainings on immigration rights and rapid response.
  • 12-18 weeks fully paid medical & family leave.
  • 4 week sabbatical after 5 years of employment.
  • 26 paid holidays (including three weeks summer and winter collective breaks), up to 4 weeks vacation time contingent on length of employment, 6 personal days, and 10 bereavement days.
  • The creation of a Labor Management Cooperation Committee that will enhance the effectiveness of staff and management working together, and discuss issues around recruitment, retention, advancement and mentorship, and the composition of the staff.
  • Guaranteed professional development plans for all staff within six months of being hired.
  • Enforceable right of recall policy for staff in the event of economic layoffs.
  • Ban on the use of non-disclosure agreements (NDA).