Senior Statewide Organizer

Office: Los Angeles

Xochitl Sanchez

Xochilt Sanchez is a senior statewide organizer with CIPC. She is a Salvadoran-American organizer and policy advocate with extensive experience working with nonprofits.  

Before joining CIPC, Xochilt was the senior organizer at the Central American Resource Center (CARECEN) in Los Angeles, where she managed humanitarian aid projects and supported campaigns for TPS, families, day laborers, immigrant youth and recently arrived immigrant families. She was previously the co-lead organizer of the Refugee Project, where she coordinated medical, humanitarian and legal brigades in support of people seeking asylum at the US-Mexico border in Tijuana.

Xochitl was a fellow for the Urban Futures Lab with Public Matters, an intern at the Los Angeles County Arts Commission and a Getty Marrow undergraduate intern. She has a liberal arts degree with an emphasis in Latin American history, filmmaking and sociology from Sarah Lawrence College. 

Xochitl is an internationalist active in solidarity projects in Honduras and El Salvador. She loves spending time in nature and also loves rabbits, coffee, chocolate and coconuts.