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Trump Takes New Aim at DACA; Rolls Back Program

Los Angeles— The Trump Administration announced today it would be replacing the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Program (DACA) created in 2012, with a bare-bones version that will not accept new applicants and cuts the program’s two-year status to one year.  This comes after SCOTUS’ decision to uphold DACA in June.

Nearly 200,000 DACA recipients call California home. Once again this Administration aims to undo DACA.  Instead of addressing our broken immigration system, the Trump administration is cruelly gutting opportunities for young Californians in the midst of a global pandemic where many are already struggling! 

 “The Trump administration’s refusal to honor the Supreme Court’s decision to uphold DACA by denying new applications and curtailing the 2012 program is a flagrant refusal to accept the country’s rule of law,” said CIPC’s Executive Director, Cynthia Buiza. “The fight for DACA and DACA recipients has changed the course of organizing and the fight for immigrant justice in this country. This work will not stop with today’s announcement.”