We are excited to add a brand new resource to our collection of CIPC resources: our first publication on immigrant and refugee workforce and adult education. This is a great resource for organizations interested in public investments to advance economic inclusion for immigrant and refugee communities:

"Advancing Economic Opportunity for CA's Immigrant & Refugee Workforce"

Click Here to Download (PDF)

As CIPC expands our efforts to ensure the full inclusion of immigrants and refugees, we are taking a closer look at how public investments, intended to support the economic mobility of California’s labor force, can be inclusive of these communities and thoughtfully advance economic justice.

Equity & Inclusion

Last year, CIPC initiated policy discussions throughout California to identify key challenges and successes for economic development programs and solutions to support economic and social inclusion. These efforts are poised to build upon and complement recent state investments in community outreach, education, and legal representation to defend Californians from deportation and support access to employment authorization and/or citizenship.

We hope that this information will strengthen efforts to support the economic and social inclusion of immigrant and refugee communities, benefiting California’s existing workforce, their families, and future generations.

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