California Immigrant Policy Center Condemns Horrific Treatment of Haitian Migrants; Demands an End to Deportation Flights

Sacramento, Calif.— This week, the world watched in horror as CBP officers menaced and abused Haitian migrants, including seniors and families with young children, who were trapped in untenable conditions at the border in Del Rio, Texas as they attempted to seek asylum. Meanwhile, multiple expulsion flights are taking off each day, denying Haitians their legal right to asylum and returning them to the dangerous conditions from which they fled.

Cynthia Buiza, executive director of the California Immigrant Policy Center (CIPC), issued the following statement:

“The horrific abuse and denial of due process we witnessed in Del Rio, Texas is a culmination of decades of anti-Black racism that has made it nearly impossible for Haitian migrants to avail themselves of their legal right to seek asylum in the U.S. The unconscionable treatment and mass expulsion of Haitian migrants is reprehensible. We are watching in real time as the Biden administration struggles to keep its promise to create a just and humane immigration system, and fails to recognize the humanity and legal rights of thousands of people who are seeking safety for themselves and their loved ones.

“We will continue to follow the lead of the advocates at the Haitian Bridge Alliance, who are working on the frontlines as well as UndocuBlack and the Black Alliance for Just Immigration (BAJI). We urge everyone to support their critical work. As we seek to advance immigrants’ rights in California and across the country, we must address the systemic, anti-Black racism at the core of our immigration system and the disproportionate abuse and violence committed against Black migrants.”

Here are our immediate demands of the Biden Administration:

  • Stop all deportation flights to Haiti, which is unable to safely receive individuals and families after the recent assasination of the president and a 7.2 earthquake that caused extensive damage
  • Terminate Title 42, an unjustifiable Trump-era policy that prevents migrants from accessing their legal rights
  • Grant humanitarian parole to Haitians who must be swiftly transferred to safe conditions
  • Provide humanitarian assistance, including safe shelter, water, food, and medical care to Haitian asylum seekers in Del Rio
  • Investigate CBP and the abuse and mistreatment of Haitians by Border Patrol agents

The California Immigrant Policy Center (CIPC) is a statewide immigrant rights organization that advocates for policies that protect and advance the rights of immigrants and their families throughout California. CIPC combines legislative and policy advocacy, strategic communications, statewide organizing, and regional coalition capacity building to pursue its mission of advocating for policies that uphold the humanity of immigrants and refugees while advancing racial, social, and economic justice.