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California poised to fight back against Trump’s “public charge” attack on immigrants

Today, the Trump administration formally published a proposal that, if implemented, would punish immigrant families for accessing nutrition, housing, and medical care programs for which they are already eligible. The proposed change to “public charge”—a designation that may affect eligibility for permanent residency—would restrict the ability for immigrant families and their children to access needed public programs like Medi-Cal, SNAP, and housing assistance.

Advocates note that the rule has NOT yet gone into effect, and the public will have 60 days to comment on the proposal. In response to the rule’s publication and the opening of the comment period, Cynthia Buiza, Executive Director of the California Immigrant Policy Center, issued the following statement:

“Now that the Trump administration has formally published this draconian proposal, we call upon every Californian of conscience to flood the Department of Homeland Security with comments expressing opposition.

It is clear that the administration wants to pit communities against each other to gain power, rig the system for the wealthy, and push immigrants out of this country. But all of us, immigrants and folks born here, want a better future for our families and communities. It’s wrong for this administration to use a rule with racist roots to punish immigrants for taking care of their families.

The mother who feeds her children, the father who provides a roof over his family’s head, and the child who sees their doctor for a routine check up are a vital part of our communities – no matter what they look like or where they were born. Our nation is strongest when there is a clear road to opportunity that uplifts the health and well-being of all communities.”

More information about public charge and the national campaign to Protect Immigrant Families, including how to submit your comments, is available at

The California Immigrant Policy Center convenes the California – Protecting Immigrant Families Coalition, comprised of health, food justice, immigrant advocates, and others to push back on attacks to immigrant families. For more information, visit: