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CIPC calls upon new LAPD Chief to defend sanctuary for all residents

Los angelers,CA- Yesterday, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti announced his pick of Michel Moore as the city’s next police chief, replacing retiring Chief Charlie Beck.

Carlos Amador, Organizing Director at the California Immigrant Policy Center, issued the following statement in response:

In the past year, the City of Los Angeles has been at the forefront of the fight against hateful anti-immigrant policies and attacks by the Trump administration. In the spirit of ‘protect and serve’, if and when confirmed, Chief Moore has an obligation to protect all residents, including immigrants, from abuses. This includes attacks by the federal government and criminalization and over-policing locally.

Our city recognizes that immigrants are a part of the heart and soul of the city, yet LAPD policies don’t fully reflect our values of community, compassion, and equality. The new chief has a responsibility to review and reform the LAPD’s policies to further limit entanglement with painful deportations and protect all residents from racial profiling.

We urge Chief Moore to lead LAPD and the city on implementing reforms that make Los Angeles a true sanctuary for everyone, including immigrants.

The California Immigrant Policy Center has engaged in advocacy efforts to reform the policies within the LAPD and the city to limit entanglement between the police and ICE.