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CIPC Denounces SCOTUS Decision to Lift Public Charge Injunction

Today the Supreme Court lifted the 2nd Circuit Court’s preliminary injunction allowing the Trump Administration’s public charge rule —denying immigrants permanent residency for using key safety net programs, including nutrition, health, and housing programs—to go into effect. 

“We are deeply disappointed in the Supreme Court’s decision today. The Public Charge rule targets the most vulnerable of our immigrant communities,” said Cynthia Buiza, executive director for the California Immigrant Policy Center. “This dangerous policy seeks to restructure our immigration system in favor of the privileged and wealthy.

Organizations across the country have sharply criticized the rule, deeming it a back-handed attempt by the Trump administration to build an invisible wall on immigration and choke the pathway to green cards for millions of families. 

“Trump’s expanded public charge rule weaponizes vital public benefits programs that families use to ensure a healthy and secure future in the U.S. CIPC estimates that in California alone, 15-35% of eligible families will disenroll from programs out of fear of immigration consequences,” Buiza added.

After the draft rule garnered over 266,000 public comments in opposition, multiple district courts issued preliminary injunctions to block the rule from going into effect. While we await details about the timeline for implementation, CIPC encourages families to seek legal counsel in order to make the right decisions for their families. 

 “Our state and our nation are stronger when we reinforce the pathways for opportunities for everyone,” said Buiza. “Regardless of this Court decision, CIPC will continue to fight to safeguard the health and well being of all families and communities regardless of status.”