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CIPC Denounces Trump’s Plans To Expedite Deportations and Undercut Due Process

July 23, 2019 –  The Trump administration has shared its plans to expedite deportations of immigrants. The rule, scheduled to be published in the Federal Registrar today, bypasses due process by targeting immigrant communities who cannot prove that they have been living in the country for two years and allows for “expedited removal” of immigrants without review by an immigration judge. In response, Layla Razavi, Policy Director at the California Immigrant Policy Center, issued the following statement:

The Trump Administration is using this new rule to fast-track its family separation agenda and bypass due process with heartbreaking cruelty. We must uphold the opportunity for each of our neighbors to live safely, belong in community, and receive fair treatment in our legal system. Regardless of age, race, or immigration status, each person deserves to be treated with fairness and justice, which are the cornerstones of the American legal system. We need to make sure we protect and uphold the due process rights of everyone.”


About the California Immigrant Policy Center

For the past 20 years, the California Immigrant Policy Center has played a central and essential role in advancing a progressive statewide immigrant justice agenda. It is the premiere immigrant rights institution in the state that promotes and protects safety, health and public benefits and integration programs for immigrants.