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CIPC Disappointed in Lack of Critical Health, Economic and Safety Net Investments Reflected in May Revise

Sacramento, Calif.— Today, Governor Newsom released his May Revise of the state budget. The budget emphasized a vision to assist and support the state’s recovery from COVID-19. But the budget did not include critical investments vital to immigrant communities.  In the midst of a global health pandemic, and a looming recession, including Medi-Cal access for vulnerable income-eligible seniors, and ITIN filers in the CalEITC, is imperative to survive. Even as Californians are sheltering-at-home, many immigrants are on the frontlines as essential workers without adequate protection.  

COVID-19 has laid bare the cracks in our social safety net and underscores the need for access to basic rights and relief programs that immigrants have been left out of time and time again. Our communities have been unfairly excluded from federal and state funding during this pandemic and are unfairly being left out of this year’s budget. 

While the governor announced a $125 million “resilience fund” for immigrants without status, even he acknowledged it was not enough, but rather the beginning of a conversation.  During this challenging moment in history, our leadership must remain firm in their vision for a California for all. 

Cynthia Buiza, CIPC Executive Director reacted:

“We are in the midst of a challenging moment in our history and are aware of the limitations that will be imposed by the current economic situation. While not unrealistic, we urge our elected leaders to work and build with us, thinking through creative ways to address these challenges.  We need inclusive and supportive policies that sets the foundation for a society that continues to build a California for all.  Ensuring that the most vulnerable among us are not forgotten in this renewed post-pandemic vision for our state is not only humane policy but also sound economic policy.”