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CIPC Pushes Back On California Border Patrol Attacks To “Sanctuary Cities”

Today The New York Times reported on Trump’s latest plan to terrorize immigrant communities through the use of unnecessary force and fear. As usual, there are no details but rather just a framework to vilify our hard-working immigrant families and promote xenophobia.

Cynthia Buiza, Executive Director of the California Immigrant Policy Center, said:

“Yet again the Trump administration is looking for ways to promote panic, create divisions within families and communities, and target states like California that have just laws and policies in place that protect all residents. This administration is keen on targeting immigrants instead of creating fair immigration policies that represent this country’s true values. While the Trump administration tries to divide us, it is gutting healthcare and Social Security and increasing income inequality with tax cuts for the wealthy.  We will not stand by silently as this administration promotes a false narrative about immigrants, refugees, asylees, and migrants while cruelly tearing families apart and punishing innocent children. CIPC remains steadfast in the fight to safeguard the health and well being of all families and communities regardless of status.”