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CIPC Reacts to May Revise

Important strides toward immigrant inclusion as Trump’s threats loom; Further steps needed

Today, in response to Governor Brown’s revised budget proposal, Ronald Coleman, Government Affairs Manager at the California Immigrant Policy Center, issued the statement below. (On Monday, CIPC’s 21st Annual Immigrant Day will bring hundreds to the capitol to advocate for proposals including the Investing in Immigrant Families Budget Package.)

As the Trump administration continues to threaten our values and our communities, California’s leadership is more urgent than ever. Today’s budget proposal makes important strides towards recognizing that immigrant Californians are a vital part of our communities and families. We encourage the legislature to take further steps on the path to inclusion and justice.

Immigrant Integration. CIPC is pleased that the Governor has recognized the importance of making modest investments to keep California families together, while maintaining key programs that further immigrant integration and reduce deportations through access to affirmative relief or citizenship. We hope the legislature will build on the Governor’s initial investments in immigrant integration by supporting the Investing in Immigrant Families budget package, up for consideration next week.

Health for All Young Adults. Furthermore, we call on the legislature to make a modest investment that will save lives, and dedicate less than one-tenth of the expected revenue from Prop 56 to expand access to health care to undocumented young adults up to age 26. No one should suffer or die from a treatable condition, no matter where they were born.

Due Process. Through today’s proposal, Governor Brown has shown he values immigrants and their contributions to California. In the face of a cruelly unfair deportation system, the Governor has taken powerful action to inject due process into the only area of U.S. law where detained people often fight for their liberty without legal representation – against trained government lawyers. Given the administration’s continued plans for mass deportation, we urge the legislature to deepen its investment in programs to prevent the social and economic devastation that will result from hateful policy coming out of Washington. Deportations often rip breadwinners out of families, which pushes children, including US citizens, into poverty.

We urge the California Legislature to show strong leadership and fiscal sense through robust investments in immigrant health and integration in the final budget package that emerges from negotiations.