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CIPC Responds to Forecasted $54 Billion State Budget Deficit

The Department of Finance released its forecast for the state budget this morning.  California is projecting a $54 billion deficit that will not only affect this year’s budget but the future as well. While this will mean cuts to programming, the California Immigrant Policy Center implores the state to continue its support of critical safety net programs like health care and economic justice that are vital to immigrant communities.

CIPC’s Executive Director, Cynthia Buiza responded:

This is a very difficult time in the state’s history and we are aware of the limitations that will be imposed by an economic recession and a large budget deficit. While not unrealistic, we are urging our elected leaders to listen and build with us, thinking through creative ways to address these challenges. Ensuring that the most vulnerable among us are not forgotten in a renewed post-pandemic vision for California is not only humane policy but also sound economic policy.”