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CIPC Statement: Families Belong in Community, Not Cages

Today, in response to President Trump’s deceptive Executive Order, Cynthia Buiza, Executive Director of the California Immigrant Policy Center, issued the following statement:

“Families belong in community, not in cages. The President’s order today will perpetuate suffering and further the dehumanization of immigrants. With the specter of indefinite detention and stepped up prosecution hanging over children and families, this order is little more than an act of national gaslighting. But we are not fooled.

The truth is that fast-tracking the deportation of people fleeing violence raises profound due process concerns and could send families back to danger and death.

As the Administration seeks to manipulate and deceive the public while continuing policies of abuse, we will continue to mobilize and stand together to embrace, uplift, and defend our common humanity.

The announcement of this order came as hundreds rallied in Sacramento to defend California’s pro-immigrant laws, also under attack by the administration. Our common cause is this: to uphold our values of compassion and equality, and to build a better future for all of us, it is past time to unplug Trump’s cruel and inhumane deportation machine.