CIPC Statement on Gov. Newsom’s May Revision

Los Angeles (May 10, 2024) – Today, Gov. Gavin Newsom released his May Revision of the state’s 2024-25 budget that proposes delaying or eliminating funds for programs that benefit immigrant Californians, as well as making cuts to other programs as a way to bridge an estimated $27.6 billion budget gap.

The California Immigrant Policy Center (CIPC) issued the following statement regarding the governor’s budget proposal:

“We are deeply disappointed that the governor is proposing to reduce or eliminate critical state funding for programs that benefit some of the most vulnerable communities in California, such as delaying the state’s previous commitment to provide food access to undocumented immigrant Californians aged 55 and older, reducing state support for immigration legal services programs, and eliminating funding for In-Home Supportive Services for undocumented Californians,” said CIPC Executive Director Masih Fouladi. “While we are pleased that the governor is maintaining his commitment to Medi-Cal for undocumented Californians and proposing some support to organizations welcoming individuals and families seeking asylum at the border, this budget proposal falls short. Cutting or stalling funding for programs, such as food access and immigration legal services, does little to minimize the budget shortfall but would have a significant negative impact on immigrant communities. As the governor and the legislature work to reconcile the budget deficit, we call on them to prioritize the wellbeing of Californians and use every tool necessary to avoid cuts to core services that disproportionately and immediately impact immigrant Californians and communities of color. We look forward to discussing these budget proposals with our elected representatives and the governor’s office to ensure they uphold their commitment to a California for All.” 


The California Immigrant Policy Center (CIPC) is a statewide immigrant rights organization that advocates for policies that protect and advance the rights of immigrants and their families throughout California. CIPC combines legislative and policy advocacy, strategic communications, statewide organizing and regional coalition capacity building to pursue its mission of advocating for policies that uphold the humanity of immigrants and refugees while advancing racial, social and economic justice.