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CIPC Statement on Trump’s False Comments Regarding Immigrants During Presidential Debate

Los Angeles (June 28, 2024) – The California Immigrant Policy Center (CIPC) issued the following statement regarding former President Trump’s false and inflammatory comments about immigrants during last night’s presidential debate:

“Former President Trump’s comments regarding immigrants during last night’s presidential debate were not only false, they were xenophobic and dangerous. They foment the kind of anti-immigrant sentiment that inspires fear and hate that can lead to violence against immigrant communities,” said CIPC Executive Director Masih Fouladi. 

“Notably, the former president also refused to answer questions about his comments that he would implement mass deportation operations of immigrants. It is time for local and state leaders to take Trump at his word and muster the resources and policies necessary for the potential eventuality of a second Trump presidency. 

“CIPC will continue to pursue policies that protect and uplift immigrant communities while honoring the rich contributions they make to our economy and culture. Immigrants make the United States a stronger nation and xenophobia has no place in American politics. Of this, there is no debate.”