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CIPC Denounces Xenophobic COVID-19 Executive Order

“Once again, President Trump is exploiting a crisis to deflect accountability from his lack of leadership. Dramatically limiting immigration has been the focus of this Administration. This latest attempt is one among many, starting from the first Muslim and refugee ban in 2017. Exploiting fear and pushing for xenophobic policies at this time of great suffering in the country is despicable.

Immigrants are critical to our economy and our country. Many immigrant workers—including farmworkers and health care workers— have been deemed essential to work during shelter-in-place orders, but have been excluded from state and federal stimulus packages. We must continue to support those who are on the frontlines making sure we are safe and have food on our tables.

With the US death toll at the highest amongst those countries hit by the COVID-19 pandemic, this Administration should be promoting positive messages and transformative changes that allow everyone to succeed. We must expand the social infrastructure so that all who call our country home, have access to critical health care and financial support. As we have learned in CA, it’s only when everyone is supported, can we all truly thrive.