End of Xenophobic Public Charge Rule Imminent

Biden admin asks SCOTUS to dismiss appeals

LOS ANGELES— Today marks the beginning of the end of Trump’s xenophobic “Public Charge” rule that has created a chilling effect in immigrant communities, preventing many from seeking critical health care, food and other safety net programs. The U.S. Department of Justice chose to withdraw their appeal asking the Supreme Court to review the previous administration’s changes to the “Public Charge” rule.

Trump’s Public Charge rule disproportionately hurt families and communities of color, particularly during COVID. A recent UCLA study found that 1 out of 4 qualifying low-income immigrants did not seek vital safety net programs because of this policy. While the work of advocates—to combat the very real chilling effects still prevalent amongst immigrant workers and families—continues, today’s events set the stage to ensure this threat is eliminated and that our communities can focus on what matters: taking care of their families during the pandemic.

“We are grateful to finally see this racist policy come to an end so that immigrant families can finally seek the programs they need without fear of immigration consequences. Once again, we see the power of organizing! This would not have been possible without the tireless work and advocacy from the CA PIF* coalition,” said CIPC Executive Director, Cynthia Buiza. “We look forward to continuing our work to build a California where everyone can thrive with dignity and freedom.”

* Chaired by CIPC, PIF-CA is composed of over 75 organizations across the state, including grassroots community-based organizations, advocates and service providers, and representing health, public benefits, immigrant rights, housing, civil rights, and other communities that have been deeply impacted by the public charge rule change.