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Immigrant Health Advocates Applaud Efforts to Expand Healthcare for Undocumented and Uninsured Californians

Coalition of advocates support launch of Health4All Adults Campaign/h2>

Today, members of the Health4All Coalition announced their support for “Health4All Adults”, a proposal to expand healthcare for low-income undocumented immigrants in California. “Health4All Adults” is also a key component of the Care4All California Campaign, coordinated by community, labor, and health organizations working to improve and expand healthcare coverage in California. In response to the launch of Health4All and related efforts by the Care4All California campaign, the Health4All Coalition- which is comprised of 80 immigrant rights, health care advocacy and faith-based organizations- issued the following statement:

“The Health4All Coalition fully supports efforts to expand health care access for low-income Californians who are undocumented and uninsured. California is stronger when we are all covered, and no one should suffer or die from a treatable condition no matter where they were born. Just as we have fought to remove barriers to Medi-Cal for undocumented children through the recent passage of Health4All Kids, we must continue to fight for parents and community members who to this day remain excluded. We are committed to making sure that every low-income Californian has access to preventive care through comprehensive Medi-Cal so they may see a doctor, utilize needed health services, and receive treatment and care when they fall ill.”

In addition, members of the Health4All Coalition expressed the following:

“Through on the ground advocacy, I’ve witnessed firsthand that many lives could’ve been saved if undocumented Californians were able to see a doctor. ASPIRE will not stop fighting until every one of my community members has access to quality health care services.” – Wei Lee, program coordinator for ASPIRE, a program of Advancing Justice – Asian Law Caucus

“Being able to access health care is vital for undocumented adults and their families whom we work with in Northern and Central California. In fact, it is the number one need for families to thrive especially during such difficult times for immigrant communities. Being able to see a doctor is a human right and should not depend upon your age or immigration status which is why California needs Health4All.” – Maricela Gutiérrez, Executive Director of Services, Immigrant Rights, and Education Network (SIREN).

“Undocumented Californians are an integral part of our state and shape our neighborhoods, workplaces, schools, and communities. With Health4All Adults, California has an opportunity to remove an unjust barrier to accessing health care access by proving Medi-Cal to low income undocumented adults. This bold step can help ensure that low-income undocumented adults Californians can access the healthcare they need to be well and thrive.” – Cynthia Buiza, Executive Director, California Immigrant Policy Center

“In California, there are over 416,000 undocumented Asians, many who lack access to critical health services. These are our neighbors, our friends, our co-workers – their health affects our health. Passing Health4All Kids in 2016 made a huge impact, resulting in over 218,000 California children receiving health coverage under Medi-Cal. Advancing Justice-LA will continue to fight for Health4All this year to expand coverage to all eligible undocumented adults.” – Stewart Kwoh, Executive Director of Asian Americans Advancing Justice-Los Angeles.

“California has an opportunity to lead the way in providing healthcare for all. The majority of undocumented people in California have lived and worked here for more than 15 years. We need to stand up for our undocumented neighbors so that they have access to the healthcare they need and deserve.” – Aarti Kohli, Executive Director of Asian Americans Advancing Justice – Asian Law Caucus.

“As advocates for children, we fight to protect and expand the security families receive with having quality and affordable health coverage. Today, we stand alongside our partners, committed and ready to expand these gains and provide every Californian, regardless of background, access to quality, affordable coverage and an equitable health care system. When families are healthy, children are healthy and when children are healthy, California, and the nation, wins.” – Mayra E. Alvarez, President, The Children’s Partnership

“We will continue to advance and protect health for Latinx communities and all Californians, regardless of immigration status. Of the remaining uninsured, 58% are unjustly left out of healthcare coverage due to immigration status. Health4All moves us forward as a state and as a country.” – Dr. Jeff Reynoso, Executive Director, Latino Coalition for a Healthy California

“Throughout California, we have connected with many young adults whose families are of mixed immigration status. We hear stories from those young adults of low income undocumented Californians parents that are locked out of access to health care and are suffering and dying from treatable conditions. Young Invincibles stands firmly in support of our undocumented young adults and mixed status families accessing health care.” – Gustavo Herrera, Western Regional Director, Young Invincibles

“Millions of low-income and middle class California families are living under threat of having their healthcare stripped away, leaving them poorer, sicker, and vulnerable to financial disaster. Just as our faith traditions call us to be open to all and exclude no one, so too must access to quality, affordable healthcare be directed to all, simply because they are human beings and children of God.” – Joseph Tomás McKellar, Co Director, PICO California