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CIPC Asks that Government Programs Recognize Everyone in the Current Public Health Crisis

March 13, 2020 –  In the wake of the current pandemic, CIPC urges state and local leaders to implement important policies that recognize the equity and well being of everyone in our communities. While Governor Newsom has issued strong guidance around COVID-19, many families are still forced to choose between their personal health and economic security.  A California for all recognizes the contributions, dignity, and safety of everyone in our communities. As an organization that is committed to protecting the health and well-being of all who call California home, CIPC will continue to fight for economic policies that include all immigrant workers, health care for everyone regardless of status, and a strong, accessible social safety net. 

“Our only chance at mitigating the impact of the current crisis demands that our government and health institutions recognize our shared humanity and value all of us,” said CIPC Deputy Director of Programs, Almas Sayeed.

CIPC urges our leaders to take action now to protect our public health and ensure that our state’s most vulnerable—including low-wage workers, seniors, and families with children—can benefit from a fair economic and social safety net without fear. It’s time to make the California dream a reality.