Health & Public Benefits Policy Analyst

Office: Sacramento

Benyamin Chao

Benyamin Chao is the Health & Public Benefits Analyst at the California Immigrant Policy Center (CIPC). His duties include working with the California Protecting Immigrant Families (CA PIF) Coalition to protect access to safety net programs for immigrants in California.

Born in Brunei and raised in Long Beach, California, Benyamin is rooted in his mission to build political consciousness, power, and systems change with diverse, immigrant communities. Benyamin received his bachelor’s degrees in Molecular and Cell Biology and South and Southeast Asian Studies from University of California, Berkeley. Benyamin was a Community Organizer with Housing Long Beach, where he advocated for tenant rights and affordable housing for low-income communities. Prior to joining CIPC, Benyamin researched mental health and violence prevention with the My Brother’s Keeper Initiative and the Youth Leadership Institute.

Benyamin believes that learning and sharing knowledge is his way of enacting social change, often returning to the words of Filipino national hero José Rizal, “know history, know self; no history, no self.” In his spare time, Ben likes to journal, cook for his close friends, and hog the mic at karaoke.