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Statement from California Immigrant Policy Center Ahead of Governor Newsom’s State of the State Address

CIPC praises proposals as good start, but calls on leadership to focus on full equitable changes that include everyone 

Shiu-Ming Cheer, Deputy Director of Programs and Campaigns at the California Immigrant Policy Center (CIPC), released the following statement:

“This year, there are several groundbreaking proposals on the table to take affirmative steps toward building a stronger and more inclusive state. Governor Newsom has proposed a budget to close the gap for Medi-Cal access for all Californians and to provide food assistance to older residents. Additionally, just last week legislators introduced a proposal to provide unemployment benefits to workers solely excluded due to their immigration status.

“These proposals are a good start, but our leaders need to ensure a post-pandemic future where everyone can thrive. While our state enjoys record-breaking revenues, too few are reaping the benefits. Californians are facing multiple long-lasting crises including the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, a worsening climate crisis fueling wildfires and drought, and a skyrocketing cost of living that is driving people out of their homes and neighborhoods – leading to a loss of lives, jobs, and savings. 

“Rather than punitive measures that criminalize people for being poor or unhoused, or leaving them on their own to navigate a crisis, California must invest its resources in supporting the wellbeing of ALL communities. Now is the time for California to invest in an equitable and fully inclusive safety net—which includes access to basic needs like health care, food security, and financial security—to uphold worker justice and safeguard our civil rights for all.

“Too many of our fellow Californians – our neighbors, friends, family members, colleagues – have been systematically excluded from accessing these critical services, solely because of their immigration status. If we want to build a stronger, more resilient state, we must start by making sure every single Californian has access to the resources they need to survive and ultimately thrive. We call on our state leaders to use these funds to help create a more equitable and resilient economy. With this year’s record budget surplus, we have the opportunity to make this vision of a California for ALL a reality.” 


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