Workers’ Rights


California benefits deeply from the economic contributions of its diverse immigrant workforce, including those who are undocumented, and workers’ rights and immigrant rights are inextricably linked. However, despite California’s leadership with some of the most progressive worker protection laws in the country, immigrant and refugee workers still face harassment, retaliation, and discrimination in the workplace.

California must uphold labor and employment standards and protect all workers’ labor and civil rights, regardless of immigration status. CIPC supports campaigns and worker-led organizations to advance policies that protect immigrants in the workplace while giving them greater power in workplace decision-making and relationships to management.

Most Recent Wins

In 2021, CIPC was proud to support the California Domestic Workers Coalition (CDWC) in passing SB 321 (Durazo), the Health and Safety for all Workers Act. This law created an advisory committee, inclusive of domestic workers, employers, and experts in the field of health and safety, which instituted the first ever health and safety guidelines specific to the domestic work industry in the state. Now, CDWC is working to ensure that these guidelines are implemented and that we remove exclusions to health & safety protections once and for all.

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