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Immigrants and refugees are vital to the social and economic fabric of our state, representing over a third of California’s workforce, contributing to over a third of California’s GDP, and helping to bring California’s economy back from the Great Recession. Workforce development services that provide career education and training to workers entering the workforce, or navigating it, can be a powerful tool to ending some of our state’s most pervasive economic inequities.

However, training, education, and jobs necessary for upward economic mobility are largely out of reach for immigrant and refugee workers. California invests hundreds of millions of dollars in a public workforce systemwhich includes workforce development boards and job training centersthat fails to recognize the dignity and support the needs of immigrant and refugee communities. Lack of access to childcare and transportation, language barriers, and a complex system of eligibility requirements means that few are able to access training programs or living wage jobs. Even when immigrants are able to secure jobs, they earn an average of 26 percent less than workers born in the U.S. 

CIPC supports local efforts aimed at expanding access, and works to advance state policies that improve equity within the state’s workforce development and adult education systems so that all immigrants and refugees can access education, job training, and meaningful careers. 

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