CIPC 2021 Impact Report

Last week, CIPC kicked off the new campaign season with vital (proposed) state investments for our communities, notably in health care, food security, and worker rights. As we begin a new year of advocacy for immigrant justice and equity,  I want to express gratitude for the great work we accomplished together in 2021 – historic wins that moved progressive policies and make our state stronger for everyone:

  • Income-eligible undocumented adults over 50 can access Medi-Cal  for the first time; 
  • California created a first-of-its -kind advisory committee to institute health and safety standards for domestic workers; 
  • Immigrant workers and families excluded from federal stimulus became eligible for the Golden State Stimulus;
  • CIPC-led One CA continues to expand critical legal services to underserved immigrant communities across the state

None of this would have been possible without your support. I am thrilled to share with you CIPC’s 2021 Impact Report, which highlights the ways in which we have built collective power and made great strides in expanding immigrant protections so that every Californian in our cities, neighborhoods and communities can thrive. Take a look to see our power in action!    

However, while we celebrate notable victories and new investments, our work is not done. We must keep the momentum going and achieve greater racial and social equity. Now is the time to close the gap on exclusions in health care, ensure food security for all California residents, invest in a fully inclusive safety net, uphold worker justice, and safeguard civil rights for all. 

Together, we can be bolder in achieving a more equitable state in 2022, but we need everyone. 

Let’s continue to build on what we have accomplished.  With your friendship and partnership, CIPC will continue to advance the work. 

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In solidarity,